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My name is Kellen, and I love hockey. I have been a Sharks fan for over 16 years. I play Ice Hockey for a Bay Area Club hockey team and have been playing the sport for 13 years. For that time, I have played defense all 13 years, which is apparent in my group of favorite Sharks. Of the current players on the Sharks, my favorites are Marc-Edouard Vlasic and Antti Niemi. I like Vlasic because he isn’t a flashy defenseman, but he is a strong defenseman that rarely makes mistakes and is always making great plays. I like Niemi because he always comes up with a big save when the Sharks need it, and keeps them in many games. Expanding beyond current Sharks, I like Rob Blake and Jeremy Roenick too. For me, Rob Blake was the right choice to be the Sharks Captain (when he was still playing). Blake wasn’t a flashy defenseman, similar to Vlasic, or a scrappy defenseman, but Blake was a very solid and smart defenseman, who shut down the other team and made big defensive stops when they were needed most. I like Roenick because, even though he ended his career with over 500 goals, he was a very selfless player, and often gave the puck to his teammates in situations where he could shoot, but instead makes a good play and gives it to his teammate.

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  1. jdude618on Nov 23rd 2008 at 9:55 am

    on your “about me” page is that a picture of you? You look like a tough sort of guy in the picture. It is very misleading. JK.

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