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Sharks Upset Canucks in Over Time Victory

     The Sharks played a really quiet game in the first 2 periods. All the action happened for the Canucks even thought there wasn’t much scoring or penalties. At 4:26 the Canucks took a Cross Checking penalty which was successfully stopped. Then at 12:38 Pyatt scored a goal that went above Nabakov’s left shoulder to make it  1 to 0 Canucks. After that the Sharks tried as hard as they could but couldn’t seem to score. The Sharks took 8 shots and the Canucks only took 2 shots.

      The 2nd period had no scoring at all. At 5:21 Daniel Sedin took a Hooking penalty. Then at 13:59 Semenov took a Hooking penalty. Lastly at 18:00 Ohlund took a Hooking penalty too. That ended the period with the Sharks taking 7 shots and the Canucks taking 6.

      The 3rd period a lot more action than the 2nd did but not until 19:20 of the third period when Setoguchi buried a nice shot to tie the game at 1 each. That ended the game with the Sharks taking 10 shots to the Canucks 6. They were going into over time.

       The Over Time period was really exciting because at 2:17 Daniel Sedin took a hooking penalty giving the Sharks a 4 on 3 Power Play. That turned out really well for the Sharks because at 3:08 Marleau scored the game winning goal for the Sharks. That was his second game winner in 2 games. The Sharks took 4 shots in the Over Time period and 29 total as the Canucks didn’t take any shots and only took 14 shots.

      After the game was over it got really exciting. As the Sharks were celebrating their victor Sean O’Brien came over and punched one of the Sharks in the face. That got all of the Sharks over to the boards by the visitors entrance. The referees got O’Brien off the ice and gave him a 2 minute penalty for Roughing.

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