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Sharks Win in Shootout

nabokov.jpg The San Jose Sharks Just about rapped up the game. Then with under a minute left the Wild score a goal to tie the game at 2. The game went into overtime. Each team had many scoring chances. With about a minute and a half left the wild came in on a 2 on 1. The winger got a shot off. It hit Nabokov’s blocker and hopped over his shoulder. Then Marleau came on the back check, and batted the puck out of the crease. ¬†Overtime ended and neither team scored a goal. It went into shootout. The Wild went first. The player shot the puck and missed. Then Pavelski came to shoot. He came in on the goalie, deked him out and scored the first goal of the shootout. Then the wild came up again they missed again. Then Cheechoo came up and also missed by a hair. Then the Wild’s Gaborik came in and scored on Nabokov. Then it all came down to the rookie Tory Mitchell. He came in and scored the game winning goal top shelf.

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