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Sharks Win With Great Suspense

The Sharks played very well last night. The Sharks and Blackhawks played a very back and forth type of game. The Sharks started out fast with Michalek scoring just 42 seconds in. Things cooled down after that until 8:51 when Versteeg a short-handed goal for the Balckhawks to make the score 1 to 1. Then after that less than a minute Thorton scored a power play goal on the same power play that the Blackhawks just scored on. Then things  got real exciting when Murray and Burish got in a fight. After that Campbell scored a goal at 17:33 to tie the game at 2. That was it for the first period with the Sharks taking 12 shots and the Blackhawks taking 10 shots.

 Then at the beginning of the second period the Sharks came out hard again because at 5:51 Boyle scored a power play goal to give the Sharks a 1 goal lead. Then at 9:10 Roenick scored another goal to make the score 4 to 2. After That it was all Blackhawks for the period. At 10:53 Versteeg scored his second goal for the night which made the score 4 to 3 Sharks lead. Then at 17:34 Barker scored a goal for the Blackhawks to tie the game at 4. Then only 18 seconds later Kane scored another goal to go give the Blackhawks their first lead of the Game 5 to 4. That was it for the second with the Sharks taking only 6 shots and The Blackhawks taking 15.

The third period was all sharks because at 1:00 into the third period Boyle scored his second goal of the night and tied the game at 5 on the power play. The Sharks were pressing really wanting that sixth goal and at 15:45 Setoguchi scored another power play goal to give the Sharks a one goal lead that would last the rest of the game. The Sharks took 13 shots in te third period and 31 total as the Blackhawks took 8 shots in the third and 33 total.

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