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A New Sport Hybrid: Sockey

Is it soccer or is it hockey? Yesterday in the NHL, the “War Room” in Toronto seemed to think that it was soccer. They blew 2 very easy calls to make, allowed the Blackhawks to defeat the Blues in OT, and adding a goal to what can only be called as an embarrassment for the Sharks. Both “goals” were obviously kicked in and both shouldn’t have been allowed, but they were.

The alleged goal that was allowed for the Blackhawks was a big one. The Blackhawks were able to win in overtime, which shouldn’t of happened because if the call was made correctly, the Blues would have won in regulation. With their win, the Blackhawks knocked the Flames out of the playoff race.

As for the Ducks “goal” guess who came back to haunt the Sharks again? Teemu Selanne, the player who seems to play better against the Sharks than for the Sharks. Selanne clearly kicked the puck directly into the net, but somehow it counted. It almost seemed like the referees asked Selanne if he kicked it, and trusted him when he said he didn’t. (starts at 1:24)

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