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Dany Heatley?

As I watch the playoff games, one thought keeps running through my mind. Where is Dany Heatley? What is he doing? Out of the 2009-2010 playoffs he only has 2 goals! In 14 games. That is an average of 1 goal every 7 games. That is not how 1st line forwards should be playing. Joe Pavelski has almost 5 times as many goals as Heatley does. In game 3 of the Conference Finals, Marleau had as many goals in 2 periods as Heatley has in the whole 2009-10 playoff series. That is just sad.

Heatley needs to step his game up and help out his team. Couture has 1 more goal than Heatley. Couture is a rookie, and Heatley has played in the NHL for about 10 years. Scott Nichol is on the forth line and he works so much harder than Heatley. When Nichol gets out on the ice, he is hitting and forcing the Blackhawks (and other teams) to make bad plays. Heatley rarley hits and he doesn’t backcheck very hard. Nichol is on the last line and Heatley is on the first. There is something wrong with that picture. I think that Heatley needs to step up his game or The Sharks needs to trade him.

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  1. Chuckon May 22nd 2010 at 7:40 am

    I totally agree! More Scott Nichol. His speed and checking are sorely missing from the line-up. The Blackhawks are simply out hustling the Sharks right now, and sitting Nichol on the bench for most of the game is a huge coaching mistake.

    More Scott Nichol!!!

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